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We have been a Craft Beer Bar for 5 years. We have been lucky to be apart of this community. Your support means a lot. David fell in love with craft beer 12 years ago and wanted to create a place to share yummy beer and make his customers his friends as well. Back in October, David fell in love again with axe throwing and and took out a small loan to opened Axe and Beer. He realized that he wanted to do it differently with real slabs of wood. Have a diverse selection of tomahawks, hatchets, and axes that the World Axe Throwing League offers. He really did his research because he cares about fun and not the weight of an axe for the first time thrower. But he really wanted to give you a space to laugh, have fun and offer the best bundle in Colorado. See, being established for five years he can offer you the best bundles. He does love this community and has been bringing fun here for the last 5 years. Now it's time for you to throw some axes, drink beer slushies made with beer and enjoying our outdoor seating. This is truly a very small business owner that cares about #westminstercolorado and #craftbeer in #colorado. We hope you swing in soon and try something new. Cheers from everyone at Twenty Brew Bar 😁 🍺🪓


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