• twentybrew

Stop the Hate

I have been listening to a lot of @thespecialsofficial and @theenglishbeat lately. People call me a punk. I agree because it's easier for them to understand. 2-tone is really what I have been for 33 years. My parents raised me to love what's inside and not see color. To listen and learn. To hold my hand out and show support. These days have been hard. The 12 year old in me wishes that hate disappeared by the time I was 45. These times are a changing. Please Understand, I love humanity and this means I love you. All of you. I will listen to your views and will not judge. We come from different places and have different views but this does mean we need to hate each other. When you come into my taphouse, please know their is no judgement. It is a safe place for everyone. Understand that Black Lives do Matter to me. In my heart, soul and mind. Understand that I need color in my life. Color is beautiful and color is diversity in my world. Thank you to everyone fighting this Injustice we have in The World.

P.S. do not be mad at me.. I'm not. I'm just sad what's been going on in this world. Be mad at racism and hate.


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