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Covid-19 Virus (Coronavirus)

Dear patrons, friends, and supporters of Twenty Brew Bar. First I want to thank all of you that have continued to visit our fine establishment during our current health crisis. As a small business, we rely on your daily visits and purchases to stay open and to offer great beer from around the world and new Axe Throwing to Westminister! Your support means everything to us. We are as concerned about the Covid-19 Virus (Coronavirus) as much as anyone. While the risk of being infected is very low, we are doing our best to keep our Taphouse as clean as possible to keep you our customers safe as well as our employees and ourselves. We have increased the amount of hand washing and have also been disinfecting common areas as much as possible. While we have always tried to ensure we have the cleanest glasses we will also be putting an extra emphasis on that. As well as other measures that you have probably read a hundred times from other places. While there is no way to be perfect at this we are doing our best. We plan on staying open for as long as we can or are allowed to. Since there are only 3 employees (including the owner) that work at this location if one or all of us were to exhibit symptoms we would be forced to close. Until that sad day, we will be serving up good times, great beer and axe throwing.

While we understand this is a very serious matter we also don't know how to handle these things (or most things) without making a joke. So don't be offended if we do. If you have any questions or concerns for us please let us know and we will do our best to answer them. For more information, please visit: and we hope to see you soon! Thanking you for picking us during these times. Small business needs you more even now.


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