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Closing for a month

Hello dear friends, family and our community. It lays heavy on our hearts to write this. Starting today at 8am, we'll need to close for at least a month. The State of Colorado will let us know when we can open again. If we can is a another question? We can not exist due to this. We understand that a lot of news from fake to real is all over the internet. We need to educate ourselves with what's real at these hard times for small businesses owners and employees. Please support the small businesses you love if you can. Thank you for your on-going support over the last 5 years. We truly do love you and this community. You have made us very special even in these trying times. Please be safe and we hope you and your families stay healthy. Cheers Owners Sunit and David NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEALTH ORDER 20-22 CLOSING BARS, TAVERNS, DISTILLERY, RESTAURANTS, BREWPUB, BREWERIES, THEATERS, GYMNASIUMS, AND CASINOS STATEWIDE This Order takes effect at 8:00 AM on March 17, 2020 and remains in effect for (30) days, unless otherwise extended in writing by the Executive Director. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS ORDER IS SUBJECT TO THE PENALTIES CONTAINED IN SECTIONS 25-1-114, C.R.S, INCLUDING A FINE OF UP TO ONE THOUSAND (1,000) DOLLARS AND IMPRISONMENT IN THE COUNTY JAIL FOR UP TO ONE YEAR.


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